£60 per session at my practice in Finchley Road, Hampstead NW3 or via webcam (Skype or Zoom) or phone (sessions are 50 minutes).

How many sessions?

The number of sessions depends on the nature of your situation and your individual needs, preferences and aims.

For example, you may have a single issue that we can work through in a short period of time or it may be more helpful for us take a longer time to explore and work through multiple issues.

Many people find it helpful to do sessions once a week or once every two weeks but it can also be beneficial to leave longer gaps to reflect on and put into practice the things we discuss in sessions so depending on your particular circumstances and what suits you, a course of therapy might be completed in two or three months, or spread over a longer period.

Booking an appointment

Appointments are available on weekdays, in the evenings and at weekends.

For more details about my practice location, please click here.

For more details about online or phone sessions, please click here.

To book an appointment, please call me on 07956 283 702 or email me at owen@owennewman.co.uk. All conversations are confidential.

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